Foldable Phones: Samsung Is Leading The Game

Most of the mobile phone industries were tracking the foldable phones but according to the recent news, Samsung is leading the game in the world of the foldable phones. Till now, Samsung has not announced the realizing date of their foldable phones. Anyhow, they have announced the name and specs of their foldable phone. The name of that foldable phone is Samsung X foldable phone. It is expected that the Samsung X will have three screens instead of two and with the help of these screens, it will be easy for the users to transits from phone to tablet. If you don’t have enough idea about the foldable phones, then you can get help from experts in dissertation writing services. Here, we will discuss how Samsung is leading the game in the field of foldable phones; 

The Samsung X foldable phone will change the game in various ways. First of all, it will provide new ways of interaction with people. In the recent decade, we have observed that mobile manufacturers have completely changed the world of mobile phones by developing new and unique ideas in the form of Smartphones. Nowadays, Smartphones have better cameras, more RAM, nicer shapes, and faster processors. No doubt, these Smartphones are considered as the best ways of interaction for the people. Under such a situation, the Samsung X foldable phone will be a completely new way of interaction for the people. Its reason is that this foldable phone will be built in such a way that it will fold in half. It will be easy for a man to fold it only with the help of three to four screen steps. 

The front and the rear cameras are considered as one of the most important features of a Smartphone. The manufacturers will face a lot of pressure to provide the best cameras to their users. In a similar way, it is also expected that the cameras of the Samsung X foldable phone will be much better than almost all the Smartphones. If the camera of Samsung X foldable phone is not exceptional, then it will not be able to get the required fame among the users. Its reason is that nowadays, the customers more rely on such phones which are best for them to make the best images and to make video calls. 

The cracking of the Smart phone’s screen is a headache for the Smartphone users. Now, this headache will be lessened with the help of the Samsung X foldable phone. As these phones will be folded after their use, then the chances of getting crashes will be reduced. In recent Smartphones, Corning’s Gorilla Glass has used which prevents them from cracking. Anyhow, till now, we don’t have enough idea about the material that will be used in the Samsung X foldable phone. Anyhow, it is expected that the material used for the manufacturing of the Samsung X foldable phone will be more resistant and flexible in nature than the material of Smartphones

These foldable phones are going to provide more choices to their customers. Due to these kinds of extra-ordinary specs of Samsung X foldable phone, the expected price of this phone is 1815$. This price is double than the price of iPhone X. The iPhone X was criticized due to such an expensive tag of the price. According to analysts, the screen of this essential phone will be 7.3 inches and this will be reduced to 4.5 inches after folding it. According to Kim, this essential model of the smartphone will be available in the markets in the first half of 2019. Moreover, Apple and some other companies have also claimed to launch foldable phones till 2020. 

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