Does Trickle-Down Economics Work?

Trickle-Down Economics is also known as a Trickle-Down theory. According to this economic theory, we can stimulate the investments in the field of business in order to provide benefits to the society by reducing the amount of taxes on the business. It is also known as another form of supply-side economics. The main difference between supply-side economics and trickle-down economics is that supply-side economics favours an overall lowering of taxes. On the other hand, trickle-down economics favours the lowering of taxes at the upper end of the economics spectrum only. If you don’t have enough idea about trickle-down economics, then you can get help from academic writing services

If we try to know the origin of the trickle-down economics, then we come to know that it is originated from a joke by Will Rogers. Nowadays, this economic theory is used by the citizens to criticize those policies that are in the favour of wealthy people or the upper end of the economic spectrum. If we try to know the answer of this important question “Does trickle-down economics work?” according to the views of the experts, then we come to know that some say “Yes” and other says “No”. If we try to know the exact percentage of the persons who have provided “Yes” and “No” answers, then we come to know that 30% says “Yes” and almost 70% says “No”. Here, we will try to provide the main logic behind their answers;

The people who have given their answers in “Yes” have the following logic;

1) With the help of trickle-down economics, the spurring demand or the income of the families will be increased. As a result, the economy of that country will be boosted up. This thing also engages the different businessmen to engage themselves in capital accumulation which will facilitate them in order to gain better profit in the future.

2) After allocating more and more capital in the field of business, there are a huge number of job vacancies will be created.

3) These fewer taxes in the field of business also become a cause of remaining more money in the hands of the citizens of that particular country. Due to this reason, the unemployment from the country will be eradicated.

4) This thing also lasts a lot of effects on the infrastructure of that country. In the infrastructure of a country, there come three important phases. The first phase is known for designing, the second phase is known as construction, and the last phase is known as transportation.

The people who have given their answers in “No” have the following logic;

1) This thing is not feasible to increase the demand. To increase in demand means that a country is creating more and more revenue from the taxes and sales. On the other hand, trickle-down economics allows the businessmen to pay lower taxes on their businesses.

2) Due to trickle-down economics, the rich will become richer and the poor will become poorer.

3) This theory is feasible only for the wealthy people. Its reason is that this theory allows the wealthy people to earn more and more profit.

4) If trickle-down theory will work, then there will create inequality between the income and wealth of all the members in the society.

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