Apps That Help Students in Seeking Admission to Colleges

Apps That Help Students
These days phones or smartphones are not only for making phone calls or sending and receiving messages. They have become really smart gadgets that understand all our needs and make sure that we are never left wanting for anything. Whether it is knowing the temperature and the weather outside or to check out how many miles we have run, these smartphones are keeping pace with everything we are doing and how we are doing it.

Smartphones have become smart to an extent that now they can be used as great help in studies too and students can make use of the numerous applications and programs to work on their education and enjoy better grades. There are certain apps that have been designed keeping the students’ needs in mind and they make sure that when these students are looking forward to getting some reliable and smart help in seeking admissions to colleges, they guide them the best way. This article is all about how smartphones are changing lives for us especially students and how these students can use some of the wonderful apps that can make their admission process easy and quick.

College Confidential Mobile App: This app provides students with college admission article and enables participants to discuss various parts of the admission process. With this app, the students can take part in discussions, check college application blogs and even interact with other users who are looking for admissions in colleges. This application is best used for conducting background research and understanding what other applications are talking about. The best feature of this app is “campus vibe” that enables iPhone users to check out hundreds of reports from students who have been to visit colleges.

Future U SAT: This application allows students to play SAT preparation games as these games are based on Kaplan curriculum and help students with tips and ideas on how to work for this test. This application can be sued used for test preparations as the portable feature enables students to remain connected to their studies wherever they go and whatever they do for good practice.

SAT Vocab Challenge Vol. 1 by The Princeton Review: This is a great app that quizzes the students on the 250 vocabulary words that often come in SAT exam. The students can check themselves on definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and positive and negative connotations and prepare themselves with help of a large data base. This app also provides timed challenges to do well with dissertation writing service that are just like taking a SAT test to stimulate students and prepare them in advance.

Common App Mobile: This application allows the students to fill their application with help of their mobile or smartphone and the students can check out the status of their application and make sure it is progressing the right way without facing any problem. With help of this app, the students no longer have to check their application status by logging on to their computer as they will get updates on their phone.

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