Sunday, December 20, 2015

How Smartphones Make it Easy for Students to Obtain Good Results?

8:16:00 AM
Smartphones have become an indispensable commodity of modern world. Almost everyone is seen with a smartphone irrespective of age. Children as young as eleven are taking smartphones to school to stay in touch with their parents and also to stay updated with current study apps.

Many schools are allowing students to use smartphones for academic reasons such as taking pictures, making videos and using the calculator. There are numerous cool features in smartphones that help students obtain good results. The rampant popularity of smartphones amongst students has given app developers multiple opportunities to exhibit their talent and invent latest study apps to help the entire student society. Here are the best ways in which students prosper through the use of smartphones:

Portable and Convenient Tools: Smartphones have free calculator app, built-in camera and video, GPS, free library, etc. Students can buy this all in one device and enjoy many other perks that comes with it. They can use the basic calculator app or more advanced scientific calculators for doing Math, video and camera can be used for assignments and projects, camera can also be used to take snapshots of white board in classroom if students are running short on time. Students can download several electronic books on their e-library and take them where ever they go.

Emails and Text Messaging: All smartphones have free texting apps available for ease of communication. Students can use the texting app to get in touch with teachers and peers. Smart texting allows them to get instant response which can help immensely in completing assignments. They can catch up on missed work by contacting their peers and respective dissertation writing services for getting quick insight on class work. Smartphones have taken communication to the next level. Students can now conveniently check their emails and send swift response to the relevant person. They can stay up to date and on top of things and don’t have to worry about finding a place with internet and computer to check mails.

Smart Apps: The most attractive thing about smartphones that has made it so famous amongst students is its applications. Students can make great use of the wonderful study apps that smartphones have to offer. Some of the commonly used apps that have helped students with achieving good results are:

Dictionary app as it is considered as the most convenient thing to have within reach. Now students don’t need to worry about getting stuck on a word for long and wait to check it out on the internet. They can simply download a good dictionary app and start reading and comprehending difficult text with ease. Quizlet app is another app that is gaining a lot of fame in students because it makes exam preparation quite easy through flashcards.

Voice Recorder apps also help students who find it difficult to understand lectures in one go. They can record it through the voice recorder app and listen to the lecture again and again for better understanding and can even take notes without having the stress of missing out important details. These were just a few apps out of the enormous haystack of other useful ones in the app stores. Students are using them to their benefit and are becoming successful and smart learners.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Toshiba LX830 - All in One Machine Review

7:50:00 AM
While laptops and tablets have conquered the market with their slim and sleek outlooks and great usage, we cannot deny the impact and the usage of the full fat desktops and Toshiba's all-in-one device demonstrates this very aptly. It would not be wrong to call this machine the most convenient tool for everyone who makes it easy for everyone in the family to use it and understand how to work the right way with coursework writing service. While on one hand, it is powerful and professional enough for mummy and daddy with the right set of options for expansions, on the other hand, it has the best touch feely attributes for the kids and looks just too good in any home.

As a one piece computer, it is meant to be used either on its own, where the keyboard appears on the touch screen or it can be used with wireless keyboard and mouse too which are very handy for everyone and make using it great fun. There are bundled versions which are function and basic but they are not necessary for everyone and can hidden away to keep the desktop clean when they are not being used. The real beauty is the screen which is 23 inches of TruBrite Full HD TFT and manages to provide a highly sharp resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels. Not only this, but the features offered are also of great contrast points which provide brightness and wide observing angles which become a pleasure for users.

However, when it comes to using it, it is an altogether different matter and the touch sensitivity invites the users. Equipped with a Windows 8 interface, the users can work, play and interact with others very easily as this is an all in one machine by Toshiba that really works beautifully. The additional functions can be accessed by swiping finger from the corners; the right side gets the "charms", which consist of search, settings and the Start menu, while the left corner brings up alternative views and programs, and top to bottom swipe helps the users to use the program options. It is up to the users to enjoy the touch screen as well as the great programming options provided by the manufacturer to enhance the overall experience.

Toshiba LX830 comes with 4GB multi-core Intel Core i5 processor assisted by 4GB RAM which is known for its ability to handle most of the things. Being a noiseless machine, it is ideal for home as well as office use and runs perfectly for hours without heating up.

One great thing about using Toshiba LX830 is the Toshiba Places app which gives users the options to purchase movies, music and ebooks too if they want. Along with this, the onboard speakers are good enough to provide a theatre effect and make it really a great experience for those who want to enjoy some good entertainment at home. It would not be wrong to call Toshiba LX830 an all-rounder family PC as it packs a big punch with very efficient size, beautiful features, great screen and a very efficient processor.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Google Nexus Q - A Review to Its Market Challenges

2:06:00 AM
Nexus Q is a device which is used for streaming music and video from Google Play Store. It costs around $300. Google is using Nexus Q as its streaming partner however it does have a Google TV as well for the same purpose. Unlike Apple TV, the Google Nexus streams video and music directly from Google’s online store, instead of content being streamed through a device onto your television.

The Nexus Q is spherical in shape but the bottom is flat, so it can be placed easily on the shelf. The ports for HDMI cables, Ethernet, USB, etc. are all located at the back of the device. Though it is a compact gadget, it weighs pretty heavy. The reason is that it contains a full-fledged Android powered computer which is very popular among the writers of the assignment and dissertation writing service providers who work professionally as it caters to all their needs.

Google has made an impressive attempt to provide an all in one package for entertainment use. Users control and select everything from an app on their android phones or tablets. This feature is a little different from Apple TV or Google TV where you get an interface on television screen. Instead, everything is directly streamed from Google’s server. Google will undoubtedly get a lot of competition from other smart entertainment devices like Apple TV, Boxee, Roku and Sonos player. This is quite perplexing for people to figure out why Google has opted for Nexus Q as its streaming business partner.

There are a few downsides experienced by the users of Google Nexus Q. Some users don’t like the idea that they can’t stream videos from third party services. Like Apple TV allows getting videos from Netflix, the Nexus Q lacks that feature. Another category of users is of the view that the device cannot play videos from outside Google Play store. Even some users are snubbed by the fact that they cannot play their own music files unless they upload it to Google Music. They are also kept away from streaming music from services other than Google’s own play store.

It is quite frustrating for users to get something like Google Nexus Q, which costs three times more than any other similar device, and not get the required performance. Google Nexus Q will work well for those people who get all their digital content from Google Play. For most users sticking to just one store for music and videos is not a very appealing deal.

People like to explore different stores to get what they want and Google has only recently made addition to its music and video selection. Since Google Nexus Q is controlled from Android device, users first have to request Google to send the audio or video, then even after clicking the play icon, it takes some time for the video to appear on television. The Nexus Q doesn’t seem to work as efficiently as its competitions.

One positive is that recently Google has come up with the latest version of You Tube app for Android and that is gaining fame because of its smooth running of videos unlike Google Play. As long as its market challenges are concerned, Nexus Q needs to have more compelling reasons for the users to go for it. Why would people buy an expensive under performing Nexus Q, when they can easily afford other famous brands at much cheaper price?