Enjoying a Great Career with Top Engineering College

Top Engineering College
So you have decided to pursue your career as an engineer. Getting your goals set for higher education is the first step towards success and selecting the career that interests you will help to focus in getting in the right university or at least shortlist the top colleges that best suits your need.

Engineering is a very vast field. It has categories and sub-categories. If you are good in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and you have completed your dissertation with help of dissertation writing service providers then you might be thinking of applying in top engineering universities. Getting in one of the top universities will help in building the required skills, which in return will give a boost to your career.

Once you are accepted in a reputable university, your stars are shining bright. Graduates from some of the worlds’ top engineering colleges like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T), Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, enjoy lucrative salaries and benefits. Most of the top engineering universities are located in California, U.S.A. There are many booming professions in the field of engineering. Here is a list of few top notch careers:

Electrical Engineering:
This field of study deals with electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. Electrical engineers design and create innovative machines and other electronic devices. There are many sub fields of electrical engineering for example, Power Electronics, Circuit Designers, Robotics and so on and so forth. Mostly all the industries depend on some form of electrical engineering. The hottest salary range for solid-state circuit designers can be $115k and above, which often exceeds managers’ salaries.

Petroleum Engineering:
This field is the highest paying in the engineering industry. An average petroleum engineer after Phd dissertation can make around $130k. Petroleum engineering involves geophysical and geological methods of study. It is concerned with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbon, which is found by analyzing the subsurface structures with these methods. Production of hydrocarbons can either be crude oil or natural gas. So it can be said that this field deals with the production and exploration of oil and gas. This engineering degree is high in demand as well as in salary.

Mechanical Engineering:
This field of engineering deals with machines, such as, elevators, refrigeration and cooling equipments, robots and other computer aided mechanical equipment used in manufacturing. The auto mobile industry heavily depends on mechanical engineering. Average salary of a mechanical engineer can be around $81k.

Computer Engineering:
As the term suggests, this field deals with all kinds of computer hardware and software skills. However, the recent job recruitment market has shifted from projects that require java programming to database export oriented projects. Hence there is an increased demand for people with SAP and Oracle skills and project manager works. A competent computer engineer could enjoy an average income of $100k.

Aerospace Engineering:
This field of engineering has two major branches; aeronautical engineering and astronaut engineering. The aeronautical is concerned with the development of aircrafts, while the latter deals with the development of space crafts. Average salary of an aeronautical engineer is around $105k.

The choices are many and benefits are limitless with easy thesis writing tools. The field of engineering is so massive that you need to do comprehensive research before deciding what’s right for you.

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